The BigMed project has launched the first position paper with the title Big data management for the precise treatment of three patient groups. 

Click the link to download the Bigmed Position Paper in pdf version.

Position as bioinformatician (overingeniør),at Oslo universitetssykehus HF - Department of Medical Genetics, Oslo University Hospital (OUS)
Vacant position as bioinformatician (overingeniør), Oslo.
Deadline for application; 15.01.2018
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Rapporten diskuterer barrierer og muligheter sett i lys av tre kliniske områder, og oppsummerer erfaringer fra ett års arbeid med temaet fra en stor gruppe bidragsytere gjennom et av forskningsrådets tre IKTpluss fyrtårnsprosjekter.
Foredragsholdere er Erik Fosse, Thomas Smedsrud og Mark Caulfield.
Lederkonferansen 2018
Fra 08. feb 2018 - kl. 10:00 til 09. feb 2018 - kl. 15:00
Sted: Oslo kongressenter
Påmeldingsfrist 31.01.2018
Pris Medlem: Kr. 7000,- Ikke medlem: Kr. 8000,-
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The Nordic Alliance for Sequencing and Personalized Medicine is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit, Nordic association that has received initial funding from Nordforsk. The overall mission is to share trustworthy genomics data and technology competence for improved diagnosis and treatment, and as a resource for research.
On behalf of the organising committee it is my pleasure to invite you to the first meeting of the Nordic Alliance for Sequencing and Personalised Medicine. We are excited to share the attached agenda which includes prominent speakers from the Nordics and beyond. The meeting is arranged in cooperation with Nordforsk and will take place 15.-16. November 2017 at the Veritas centre, Høvik, Norway. Please register for the meeting here within 1. November, no participation fee.
Organising committee:

  • Dag E. Undlien, Oslo University Hospital
  • Joakim Lundeberg, SciLifeLab
  • Valtteri Wirta, SciLifeLab
  • Stephen McAdam, DNV GL

Participation in the consecutive workshops on day two are for Nordic Alliance Members and invitations handled separately. 

Time and place: Nov. 2, 2017 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM, 5th floor, Ole Johan Dahls hus  

The workshop will feature presentations by leading international researchers in the field, as well as presentations on on-going work that addresses this problem. The workshop will furthermore provide a meeting-place for both academic and industrial partners with an interest in clinical NLP with the aim to stimulate further collaboration.

More information at the workshop web page: