Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second most frequent cancer type and represents 13.2% and 12.7% of all cancer cases in men and women, respectively. Approximately 50 % of all patients will develop liver metastasis, and surgical resection is currently the only curative treatment for these patients. Novel molecular diagnostics of the tumors, together with an expanding array of other diagnostic tools is challenging the decision processes for choice of treatment and patient pathways. There is a need for improved clinical decision tools to support this development. 

The clinical challenges of today include access to data for clinical decisions – both in internal and external systems - and clinical decision support for making sense of and prioritizing the information available. The work in BigMed focuses on getting the right information to the point of care; structuring data for easier use and reuse of data, access to internal and external knowledge etc.

Activities and deliverables are described below:

  • Mapping of clinical needs based on design thinking
  • Implementation of Dashboard for clinical decision support in DIPS Arena – including timeline and structured patient information to reduce errors and reduce clinician time spent searching for information
  • Text mining from electronic health record for automatic population of Dashboard
  • Data extraction from registries to populate patient timeline – previous disease incidents. Demo.
  • Open EHR Archetypes definition for structured report to cancer registry, saving valuable clinician time and improving valuable data gathering.
  • Statistics for patients like me: Application showing live cancer registry outcome data based on different clinical interventions for similar patient cases, clinical decision support. Prototype.
  • Patient similarity tool: Advanced clustering techniques for multi criteria similarity.
  • Clinical reporting of molecular diagnostics:
    • Genomics-based reports from somatic sequencing.
    • Clinical decision support module for tumor board meeting dashboard

DIPS Arena Dashbord

Figure 1. DIPS Arena Dasbord

Figure 2. View of Genomics reporting in Dasbord

Figur 3. Cancer Registry's app for patient statistics.


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Machine Learning/AI,

Clinical Decision Support

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