Big data management for the precise treatment of three patient groups

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This report is produced as part of the BigMed project to document and distribute knowledge accumulated in the first phase of the project, identifying the challenges and obstacles the project aims to address.

The report consists of an introduction and three main parts; the clinical case descriptions, their next steps for implementing a more precise and individualized medicine and current barriers identified.

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Finally, a summary of enabling tools and technologies as well as the regulatory framework for precision medicine is provided. Overarching barriers to implementing precision medicine and suggested actions for overcoming them have been identified through a series of workshops and discussions conducted with a variety of stakeholders in Norway, including patient organisations, clinicians, legal experts, research institutes, government institutions, ICT suppliers, and other health industry representatives.

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The basis for the discussions were situation reports from the three BigMed clinical groups at OUS. The report does not provide a comprehensive description of precision medicine in all clinical areas or institutions in Norway. BigMed partners have contributed to the different sections of the report, but information provided does not necessarily represent the views of all partners.




Big data management for the precise treatment of three patient groups,


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