Note that there may be changes in upcoming events due to the COVID-19 situation. Changes include alternative, digital solutions, as there may be a need to organize events over a digital format.

More information will follow!


August.Venue: TBA

National meeting for bioinformatics

Seminar / Workshop on bioinformatics for NGS. Date: TBD.

Contact: Tony Håndstad


October.Venue: TBA

Nordic PerMed Law

Nordic network meeting and workshop on legal perspectives within precision medicine. Date: TBD.

Contact: Randi Borgen

19th October.Venue: Sentralen, Oslo, Norway

BigMed Conference 2020 | Free admission

Join the conference to learn more about the current barriers to implementing precision medicine in clinical practice and how we can overcome these. Meet the country’s most renounced experts in the field and learn about their research. 

Contact: Mari Eide Frey

Info. and reg.

June 2018

6th June - 7th June .Venue: Professorboligen, UiO, Norway

Big Data in Healthcare – Legal Perspectives

Nordic conference with the Department of Public and International law. Read the report in book format via this link.

Contact: Anne Kjersti Befring


November 2018

18th November - 19th November .Venue: Veritas centre, Høvik, Norway

Personalized Medicine - Legal Regulations

The BigMed Conference 2019. Read the report via this link.

Contact: Anne Kjersti Befring


November 2019

19th November - 21st November .Venue: Veritas centre, Høvik, Norway

Next Generation Sequencing for Cancer

Symposium and workshops with the Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics (NACG). Read the report via this link.


December 2019

December .Venue:

ICT-needs in the Future of Medicine

Using the Department of Medical Genetics (DMG) at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) as an example.

February 2020

5th February .Venue: Skøyen, Oslo, Norway

Get Acquainted with Sykehuspartner

Seminar on Sykehuspartner with BigMed and several departments from Oslo University Hospital.

Contact: Alia Zaka

April 2020

April .Venue: TBA

Genetic Information - Legal Considerations

Debate seminar on legal considerations when dealing with genetic information. Date: TBD.

Contact: Oda Bakken

May 2020

29th May, 08:30 - 12:00 .Venue: Virtual

NACG workshop on consent

Workshop on consent with the Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics (NACG).

Contact: Bobbie Nicole Ray-Sannerud

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