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Most of our digital events have been recorded, the links are provided below. We hope you enjoy these!

We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Follow this link to contact Mari Eide Frey, Project Coordinator, BigMed.  

June 2021

9th June, 09:00 - 10:00 .Venue: Virtual

Webinar: Hovedpunkter fra BigMeds sluttrapport - hør det fra forfatterne selv!

Webinar som tar for seg høydepunktene fra BigMed sluttrapport - erfaringer fra prosjektet og veien videre. Opptak fra arrangementet er gjort tilgjengelig. Følg med på siden om rapporten, via link under, for mer informasjon og video! 

Contact: Mari Eide Frey

Mer info. om rapporten og link til opptak

May 2021

27th May, 14:00 - 16:00 .Venue: Virtual

Nordic Permed Law - The use of genetic data in health care

Webinar on the use of genetic data in healthcare. Please follow the link below for further information about the program and speakers.

Contact: Oda Bakken

More info.

December 2020

9th December - 10th December .Venue: Bikuben conference center

MMIV Conference 2020: Enabling imaging technology to transform patient care

Following the BigMed Conference 2020; this is the next step in our national relay for AI in healthcare competence sharing. Organized by the Mohn Centre.

More info.
December .Venue: Virtual

Databases and Infrastructure for Large-Scale Analyses of Hybrid Health Data

This workshops is unfortunately cancelled due to illness.

A workshop on infrastructure that can facilitate secondary use of health data in research and in the clinic. Keep tabs on this page for more information about date and time, as well as the program and to register for the event! 

Contact: Therese-Mari Mosgaard Bjørke

November 2020

24th November, 16:00 - 18:00 .Venue: Virtual

Nordic PerMed Law: Current Challenges in Nordic Law on Personalized Medicine

The focus of this webinar is current challenges in Nordic law on personalized medicine. Organized in connection with NACG week. Read more about the program via the link below.

Contact: Randi Borgen

More info.
10th November, 14:00 - 16:30 .Venue: Virtual

Precision Medicine: A Health Economics Perspective

Through this seminar, you will learn about the challenges in precision medicine in the perspective of health economics. Discussion topics include the landscape of precision medicine and how current guidelines and regulations need to be updated and adjusted. Organized by the University of Oslo. 

Contact: Eline Aas

More info. and link to video
10th November .Venue: Virtual

A handful of examples and demos from the BigMed project (EHiN 2020)

After almost four years of development, experimentation and knowledge building on clinical implementation of precision medicine, participants from the lighthouse project BigMed demonstrate some selected solutions established in the project.

Contact: Vibeke Binz Vallevik

More info. and link to video

October 2020

28th October, 10:00 - 16:00 .Venue: Thon Hotell Arena, Lillestrøm, Norway | Virtual

NLP in Health - What is Possible, Useful and Allowed?

Learn about the development in machine learning applied to text, the opportunities it provides for analysis of medical text in Norway, which again is linked to the needs of clinicians for such tools and relevant ethical and legal issues. Co-organized by AHUS and the Dept. of Informatics (UiO). Press the button below for more info. and to view the recording from the seminar!

Contact: Lars-Åge Møgster

More info and recording
19th October, 10:00 - 18:00 .Venue: Sentralen, Oslo | Virituell

BigMed-konferansen 2020: Veien til presisjonsmedisin

Følg konferansen for å lære mer om barrierer innen implementeringen av presisjonsmedisin i klinisk praksis og hvordan vi kan overkomme disse utfordringene. Møt landets mest anerkjente eksperter innen feltet og lær om deres forskning. Link til opptak m.m. finner du på denne siden!

Contact: Mari Eide Frey

Mer info og link til opptak
14th October, 12:00 - 14:00 .Venue: Virtual

Federated Analytics of Health Data

This workshop explores how the use of federated networks can improve the accessibility of and learning from health data. Co-organized by DNV  and the Cancer Registry of Norway. View the recording via the link below!

Contact: Sharmini Alagaratnam

More info and recording
7th October, 12:00 - 14:30 .Venue: Virtual

Real-World Data, digitalization and decentralization of future clinical trials

A webinar from which you can learn from an international perspective on RWD, the future landscape of clinical trials, and explore the ways in which Norway is prepared to meet the new age of increased use of technology, digitalization and decentralization of clinical studies. Organized by DNV  and supported by the Research Council of Norway. Click HERE to view all recordings.

Contact: Anne Jorunn Stokka

More info.

September 2020

21st September - 22nd September .Venue: Virtual

National Seminar for Bioinformatics

The seminar is scheduled "from lunch to lunch". It will be an informal meeting between bioinformaticians and a workshop on bioinformatics for NGS. More information about the program and how you can register for the event will follow shortly. 

Contact: Tony Håndstad

May 2020

29th May, 08:30 - 12:00 .Venue: Virtual

NACG workshop on consent

Workshop on consent with the Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics (NACG).

Contact: Bobbie Nicole Ray-Sannerud


February 2020

5th February .Venue: Skøyen, Oslo, Norway

Get Acquainted with Sykehuspartner

Seminar on Sykehuspartner with BigMed and several departments from Oslo University Hospital.

Contact: Alia Zaka

December 2019

December .Venue:

ICT-needs in the Future of Medicine

Using the Department of Medical Genetics (DMG) at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) as an example.

November 2019

19th November - 21st November .Venue: Veritas centre, Høvik, Norway

Next Generation Sequencing for Cancer

Symposium and workshops with the Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics (NACG). Read the report via this link.


January 2019

January - January .Venue: TBD

Future Cancer Treatment: A Digital Perspective

To be announced.  

Contact: Eivind Hovig

November 2018

18th November - 19th November .Venue: Veritas centre, Høvik, Norway

Personalized Medicine - Legal Regulations

The BigMed Conference 2019. Read the report via this link.

Contact: Anne Kjersti Befring


June 2018

6th June - 7th June .Venue: Professorboligen, UiO, Norway

Big Data in Healthcare – Legal Perspectives

Nordic conference with the Department of Public and International law. Read the report in book format via this link.

Contact: Anne Kjersti Befring