Precision Medicine: A Health Economics Perspective

Join the seminar via digital streaming to learn about the challenges in precision medicine from the perspective of health economics, discuss the landscape of precision medicine and how current guidelines and regulations needs to be updated and adjusted. Keep tabs on this page for more information!

Date, time:                             10th November, 14:00-16:30 CEST.

Place:                                      Virtual / Digital live streaming. 

Register:                                 Follow this link to register!

Stakeholders include health economists, researchers, clinicians, industry and public organizations

Background. Reimbursement of pharmaceuticals is based on cost-effectiveness analysis. These analyses synthesize information from multiple sources, where the efficacy typically is based on information from randomized controlled trials.

The introduction of precision medicine implies several challenges for the recommended framework:

  • Measuring efficacy when randomized controlled trial is not possible 
  • Accounting for uncertainty, when samples sizes are very small 
  • Development of financial incentives and optimal reimbursement systems, for instance considering adaptive partial approval process 

Key note (in English)

  • How researchers at HEcoPerMed work to develop guidelines within economic evaluation for personalized medicine.
    Drugs and diagnostics are discussed in HEcoPerMed. Tsiachristas will refer to three examples on economic evaluation of personalized medicine to describe methodological challenges. He will also discuss various funding models.
    (Apostolos Tsiachristas, Ass. prof., University of Oxford and HEcoPerMed)  

Research (in English)  

  • Health economics research projects within personalized medicine. 
    Short session that includes an economical evaluation of IMPRESS.
    (Speakers TBA)             

Diskusjon (på norsk)

  • Diskusjon mellom interessenter.
    (Talere TBA, Statens legemiddelverk; Helsedirektoratet; Nye Metoder; Legemiddelindustrien)
There will be opportunities for Q&As throughout the seminar!

Registration. Register for a digital attendance via the page for Events! Questions about registration? Contact Mari Eide Frey, Project Coordinator, BigMed.

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University of Oslo

Eline Aas

Associate Professor / Researcher, HELED

University of Oslo

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