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A digital platform for Precision Medicine

Funded by the Norwegian Research Council and a handful of dedicated partners, we aim to create a platform to help nourish an expanding ecosystem of partners from the clinical, academic and commercial worlds.

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Recent Projects

A pipeline for extraction and anonymization of data from EHRs

A pipeline for extraction and anonymization of data from EHRs

I dag er det er mange forskere som behøver hurtig tilgang til automatiske og oppdaterte uttrekk av pasientdata fra journalsystemer for å bearbeide og analysere data, samt bruke de til forskning og utvikling av diverse støttesystemer for

Risk calculator for Sudden Cardiac Death

Risk calculator for Sudden Cardiac Death

A risk calculator which aids in patient risk estimation for Sudden Cardiac Death has been published by the European Association of Cardiology, and the BigMed cardiology work package has been tasked with automating and if possible

A pipeline and tool for personalised patient classification based on integration of multiple patient data

Illustration - a dense pattern with dots and lines connected

We are developing a novel pipeline, algorithm and computational tool, to assist clinicians in assigning the best therapy to individual patients by integrating in a novel and transparent way multiple type of data from patients

Classified variants are anonymous - and this is one of them

"Fortolkede genetiske varianter er i seg selv anonyme"