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A digital platform for Precision Medicine

Funded by the Norwegian Research Council and a handful of dedicated partners, we aim to create a platform to help nourish an expanding ecosystem of partners from the clinical, academic and commercial worlds.

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Recent Projects

Infrastructure platform for South-East Regional Health Trusts

BigMed is working to lay the foundations for an infrastructure and other IT capabilities to support a platform for the development and implementation of precision medicine within the public healthcare sector in a clinical setting. This

Phenotyping tool to facilitate automatic variant prioritisation

When a pediatrician suspects a newborn of having a rare genetic disease, genome sequencing can immediately be ordered as part of the routine procedure to identify the disease or syndrome. Pediatricians in collaboration with geneticists

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second most frequent cancer type and represents 13.2% and 12.7% of all cancer cases in men and women, respectively. Approximately 50 % of all patients will develop liver metastasis, and surgical resection is

Bioinformatics pipelines, QC and clinical reporting

Understanding the underlying genetic code causing disease is key to precision medicine, be it personal genomes, cancer genomes or microbial genomes. With improved availability and affordability of genomic sequencing in the last decade,