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A digital platform for Precision Medicine

Funded by the Norwegian Research Council and a handful of dedicated partners, we aim to create a platform to help nourish an expanding ecosystem of partners from the clinical, academic and commercial worlds.

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Recent Projects

Comprehensive clinical report from molecular diagnostics in cancer

Cancer is a genetic disease, as DNA is altered in each tumor. The changes differ greatly between different tumors and over time in a tumor. Many changes can occur in each tumor, and these changes may represent targets for therapy, or serve

Big data management for the precise treatment of three patient groups

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This report is produced as part of the BigMed project to document and distribute knowledge accumulated in the first phase of the project, identifying the challenges and obstacles the project aims to address.

More projects to be published soon

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In the next few months we will publish more of the projects we are working on, so please check back.

Regulatory frameworks and quality assurance for NGS-based diagnostics

As patients, we trust that medical diagnostics are reliable and accurate, but how can clinical genomics labs ensure the quality of tests based on new technologies?