IT Infrastructure Needed for Precision Medicine in Norway

Gard Thomassen, Assistant Director at the University Center for Information Technology (USIT), the University of Oslo (UiO), with Silvija Seres, COO at LørnTech.

Why is there such a big difference between clinic and research when it comes to accessing our health data, and more specifically, why do not doctors have access to as much data as researchers? Lastly, should Norway seize the opportunity and utilize health data from its public health system to create the best Big Data in the world? In this episode, Gard and Silvija discuss how we need to have a goal in mind and then quickly reach it by means of trial and error.

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Learnings from the episode

  • Infrastructure
  • Infection-app from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
  • Patient data
  • Privacy
  • COVID-19
  • Digital twins

This article is from an episode of #Lørn, made in collaboration with LørnTech

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Relevant Projects

Infrastructure platform for South-East Regional Hospital Trusts

Infrastructure platform for South-East Regional Hospital Trusts

In this particular project, we are aiming to build a pre-clinial in silico lab to support research and innovation projects within precision medicine. It will serve as a test bed for development of prototype research and development