The Key to Precision Medicine

Eivind Hovig, Professor and head of a research group at the Centre for Bioinformatics at the University of Oslo (UiO) and Oslo University Hospital (OUH), with Silvija Seres, COO at LørnTech.

What is the societal significance of precision medicine? How much do we know about the genetics of the Norwegian population? In this episode, Eivind and Silvija discuss how mutations in cancer interact with the immune system and predictions on how we can manipulate such mutations.

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Learnings from the episode

  • Bioinformatic solutions
  • DNA-sequencing
  • Cancer treatment
  • Genetic changes
  • Privacy / GDPR
  • Patterns in genetics 

This article is from an episode of #Lørn, made in collaboration with LørnTech

Quick Q and A with Eivind

Title and company?
Professor at the Centre for Bioniformatics, Institute for Informatics, UiO. Head of a research group at the Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, OUH.

Who are you personally and professionally?
I am from a family that has an academic background, as both of my parents have had long careers in research at Rikshospitalet which is a part of OUH today. My parents have also worked with cancer research since they studied genetics as their major at Blindern (UiO) during the 70s. Since the late 90s, I have been working with data to organize knowledge about different aspects of genes that could mutate in cancer, and have continued to work more on this issue over the years.

Recommended literature / videos about your professional field?

  • "A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived" by Adam Rutherford
  • "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot. 
  • “Keiseren over alle sykdommer” by Sidharta Mukherjee  

Food for Thought

Focus is usually directed towards bioinformatic solutions. Such solutions are the product of innovation, or  opportunities that emerge along the way in research. However, innovations is not a focus.

Eivind Hovig

Professor and Manager

OUS - Dept. of Tumor Biology and UiO - Dept. of informatics

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