Infrastructure and data provisioning

To lay the foundations for an ICT infrastructure to support a platform for the development and implementation of precision medicine within the public healthcare sector is extensive work and this goal can be achieved only in collaboration with hospitals, academia and industry partners.

The sensitive nature and volume of data needed for Precision Medicine practice poses new challenges for IT infrastructure. Storage capacity, and processing and transmission speed requirements, are higher than what today’s standard environments can deliver. An architecture is also needed that can deliver real-time information and tools for advanced analytics such as machine learning and related techniques. Finally, the solution will need to comply fully with local, national and regional regulations for privacy and security, with cost-effectiveness. 

Bigmed approached this in two phases, first by using already established high performance infrastructure provided by the University of Oslo. Later by establishing a platform to simulate the real hospital ICT environment and demonstrate how the BigMed solutions can operate in the hospital environment in a near future.  

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